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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Brad Paisley's "She's Everything"

I'm still trying to figure out when exactly Brad released his new single "Everything to Me" but regardless, it's only made its way down the pike to local radio stations, thus I only heard it for the first time mere days ago. Ironically, it was on a station which isn't known for carrying premiere singles. And I would have heard it on the other two stations, which DO carry premiere singles.

We're real Brad Paisley fans here at CVoCM. Most of his songs are about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. A few exceptions are "The Fishing Song" (where Brad sings about chosing fishing over his wife when his wife presents that ultimatum) and "Alcohol" which is supposed to be a fun drinking song, but glories a little too much in the 'booze-it-up' lifestyle.

Whiskey Lullaby was not so much an immoral song as a sad sing singing about the tragic consequences of an immoral lifestyle. Combined with the soft tones of Alison Krauss, the song's melody itself was excellent.

But the basic point is, Brad's style makes him one of the few artists whose albums decorate my shelf.

So anyway, down to his new single, She's Everything. If you're not competent enough to punch in "Lyrics to 'Everything to Me'" then, here's the link: Lyrics to "Everything to Me" by Brad Paisley at

Like "Little Moments" before, Brad is singing quietly yet earnestly about how he loves the little things about the singer's wife. Off the heels of "Brand New Girlfriend" ("a use 'em and lose 'em" attitude), the song refreshes us with the singer's intent to have his wife in the rocking chair beside him when he's 90.

Also like Little Moments, Brad sings about love even in the unhappy moments (such as Mondays, or when the cake burns, etc).

Another quiet love song from Brad earns a 9.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. Keep 'em coming, Brad.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Dave!
Brad Paisley is great isn't he?! I love that song "She's Everything," it's a sweet country song. I appreciate his style of music and think he has a head on his shoulders. Several of his songs are hilarious also. Anyway, I agree that he is great at what he does!

9:56 PM  

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