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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Un-Holy song hits #1

Steve Holy was once considered a one-hit wonder for his song "Good Morning Beautiful" which we at Christian Views enjoyed.

Another single "Go Home" encouraged goodness and reconciliation.

And now, Steve Holy has hit the jackpot with his new single "Brand New Girlfriend." Jackpot, meaning billboard hits.

Morally, the song is at the bottom of the heap.

It begins as a ballad, with the singer relating how his girlfriend felt a need to back away from the relationship. Holy soon breaks out the pizazz when he explains that he reacts the way "any gentleman would do." (We know it's a tongue-in-check expression, but one wonders where this concept of "gentleman" comes from?)

Now the singer can do nothing but brag about how he got a brand-new girlfriend, explaining that they lie on the beach wearing "nothing but a smile" and playing "kissy-kissy." In the song's bridge, however, the singer himself is showing signs of hesitancy when he mentions that his new opposite is hearing wedding bells and making plans.

Yes, a grand specimen of moral decay once again crosses the country music airwaves and hits it big. Cheap is the word, date-em-and-hate-em is the action. The song makes it sound like a big pile of laughs to dump your old girlfriend and get a new one. As if they are commodities, and you can just trade an old model in for a new one. And not only do you start looking for new love interests, but you fly them out to the weekend and engage in all sorts of illicit activities without so much as an admission of fondness.

No doubt you'll accuse us of taking the light-hearted song too seriously. We'll simply ask why it is that we would want to take romantic relationships lightly. And furthermore, we'd like to direct your attention to the following article as evidence why this song deserves the big red zilch.

Study: Sexy Lyrics Lead To Sex Sooner


Blogger Paul said...

Now, I don't want to defend the song, but have you seen the video? The video version puts a whole new light on the lyrics. To sum up, the singer's trying to make his ex jealous by using an inflatable doll. I only saw the video once so can't comment on any other connotations to it other than an attempt to win back the ex by making her jealous.

9:30 PM  

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