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Monday, December 11, 2006

Seasonal repeats; cause/effect or effect/cause?

I've noticed that a lot of country stations seem to replay songs during seasons or times of the year that hearken back to their first release. I have nothing but anecdotal evidence to suggest this, but I noticed that songs which have been out for a while, and haven't enjoyed much air time according to my careful scrutiny, seem to crop up again.

Example, Tim and Faith's "Like We Never Loved At All." The song had a great flow, and vocals. I have fond memories of driving to class at 6:30 AM through a thick, falling snow and listening to the song play on the radio.

Likewise, Carrie Underwood's "Jesus Take the Wheel" released during the winter season, and I hadn't heard it very often until that time of year rolled around again.

Even Brad Paisley's "Mud On The Tires" (a great summer song) was released in the winter, and was heard on the radio a few days ago.

Is my hypothesis true that stations tend to replay songs on or about the "anniversary" of their release?

And if so, is it because the DJ did it on purpose? Or because the times of year make the DJ remember to what he or she was doing last year, thereby bringing the song to mind, thereby sparking him/her to put the song in the lineup? Or is it just that the songs jump out at me because the time of year makes me think back to the memories of songs and seasons?

Beats me.

But ain't it great how songs can stick in your mind and help solidify memories?


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