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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Kenny Chesney - More encouragement for bums

I've met people who remind me of Kenny Chesney. People whose only care in the world is to look good (tan, muscular, etc.), to have a girlfriend (family, children and perhaps that whole "love, honor and cherish" thing are optional) and to have enough beer money are all they worry about.

Kenny Chesney seems intent on encouraging this lowlife breed of slothful bums by singing songs glorifying their way of living.

Whether it's singles like "Young," "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem," or songs like "When the Sun Goes Down, "Keg In the Closet" and his latest, "Beer In Mexico," if Kenny's philosophy is the same as his songs, the good life is the unlived life, where you spend as much time trying to get out of work as actually trying to do work. Of course there's times when you feel like saying the heck with work. "Take This Job" or "Five o Clock Somewhere" (neither of which were sung by Chesney) are classic "I hate working" songs. But have you ever truly spent a weekend doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING? I have. You start atrophying. You feel worthless. Maybe it's just me, but I wasn't made to be a couch potato. In the long run, I don't think anyone is. Perhaps Kenny's "Living In Fast Forward" shows a few regrets of that busy-yet-empty lifestyle lauded in previous songs.

There's another sub-category of these songs that Kenny sings: these nostalgic retrospectives, losing one's self in a memory too exclusive and unique to appeal to many. Songs in this category include "Summertime," "Keg In the Closet," "Anything But Mine," "I Go Back," "There Goes My Life" and "Don't Happen Twice." Give it a rest, Kenny. Not all of us can look back to romancing some gal on the 50-yard line, or swimming with bikini-clad women in ponds, or leaving bottles of Yoo-Hoo on the car floor.

I'm not ragging on 'ol Kenny completely. The guy isn't exclusively buried in these categories of music, and thank goodness. Kenny Chesney has a soft side to him, a side shown in songs of genuine, tender love. I'm speaking of songs like "You Save Me," "Who You'd Be Today" (some DJs on a local station about brought me to tears when they played Who You'd Be Today in honor of a pregnant woman who was killed in a freak accident in the city), "The Woman With You" (which feminists must have hated him for, because the song implies that a highly successful working woman finds her greatest pleasure in simply being a woman to a man) "The Good Stuff" and "You Had Me From Hello." (Reportedly, "You Had Me From Hello" was written based on a line from a film starring Renee Zellweger, who later married Chesney, a marriage lasting four months.)

As usual, I find that if I'm searching for songs that I as a Christian can aspire to, I have to pick and choose from among an artist's songs, but in general, be rather turned off by most of the artist's other songs, as well as the artist himself.

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