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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Underwood Carries Another #1 Hit

Carrie is back, scoring big with "Wasted" which is a positive return from "Before He Cheats." This time, echoing the Montgomery/Gentry song "Some People Change," the song is about redemption, and returning from the brink of disaster. Presumably, "wasted" refers not only to recovering from alcohol or drugs, but simply not throwing away your life. Instead, live for the moment, live for the future, live for the present.

The tune is also very well-strung, although she sings it at such a high pitch that it makes my own throat ache. Not only are the notes high, but also the fervor and intensity behind them. That song has to be taxing on the vocal chords. But that's too late; an artist must be very careful in choosing a song, and if it hits the top 20 or greater, then it will be in great demand from concert audiences nationwide, who won't stand not to hear their favorite song played.

Keep your ear tuned, and heed Carrie's advice; don't spend any more time wasted.



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