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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Josh Turner ('n God)

The first time I heard Josh Turner, it was a radio ad for the song/album "Long Black Train." Already considering myself somewhat of a country music aficionado, I heard words like "redemption" and "cling to the Father and His holy name" and thought the song would go nowhere. (I had similar impressions of "Jesus Take the Wheel." Clearly, I have a lot to learn.)

I was surprised (pleasantly!) to hear the song make it to mainstream, and rise as high as #13 on the charts. The song, while not varying as much as I like, had true spiritual meat imbedded in the lyrics. It puzzled me to liken sin to a train, but Josh explained in an interview with AfterMidnite's Blair Garner that it came to him in what he would describe as a vision.

Josh's deep, low voice resembled Johnny Cash, and definitely provided another trait to recommend himself for future fame.

His next single, "What it Ain't" did not fare so well; it failed even to make my local stations. Happily, the next song, "Your Man" was more successful. I have a tiny quarrel to pick with Josh about the music video on this song, since Josh was fiddling around with certain areas of the clothing on whomever was playing his significant other for the music video, and it struck me as a little inappropriate.

"Would You Go With Me" solidified Turner's place in the country music arena. The guitar-picking is incredible, and the song is quite catchy. Since joining the eschalon of iPod owners (it's actually not the Apple iPod itself, but it's a portable music player, and I'm happy with it), I've downloaded few songs, but "Would You Go With Me" was one of them.

Just recently, I went to YouTube to search for a music video for "Would You Go With Me" and found one had been Josh Turner! It turns out that there have been several profiles set up on YouTube for musical figures such as Josh Turner, Johnny Cash, Sugarland, George Strait, Willie Nelson and Shania Twain. Doubtless, not a profile maintained by the artists themselves, but still a nice touch for maintaining a presence among "regular folk."

Turner returns to his gospel roots once again with his latest single, "Me and God." When I first heard the song, I thought it might possibly be taking God a little too lightly, but hearing the song a few more times has lessened this impression somewhat. The song itself doesn't make it onto my favorites simply because the tune doesn't appeal to me.

Josh Turner is off to a great start on his country music career, and here's wishing him well for a bright and productive future.



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