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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Reba and Kelly - Will It Blend?

Down this week from the number 2 spot on the Billboard country music top 25 charts is Rebca McEntire and Kelly Clarkson's countrified duet of Clarkson's pop hit "Because of You" (seen here).

Although I incline more towards country, it's not uncommon for me to flip over to contemporary/classic/pop/soft rock stations if there's no good songs on the country stations, or if it's at a commercial. So I've heard the original rendition of "Because of You" (seen here) from the premier American Idol winner previously. I've heard a few of her songs now, and while I don't go in for her style quite so much, it's clear she's a talented singer.

But now she's thrown in with country diva Reba McEntire to record a new version, with Reba carrying most of the tune.

To borrow a phrase from the Will It Blend? video series, "NO it DOESN'T BLEND!"

Reba's voice has an inescapable and intrinsic country twang to it, which has been perfect for her other songs and made her a legend in the world of country music. Unfortunately, I dislike the content and style of some of her earlier, more notable hits, such as the ballad of the peasant-turned-prostitute "Fancy", or the murder mystery "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia." She scored well with "Somebody" but then moved on to overly sentimental songs such as "He Gets That From Me" and "My Sister."

Unfortunately, Reba's voice simply doesn't blend well with Clarkson's less accented, more classical vocalization. Why it has risen as far as it has is beyond me - if you like the song, listen to the original by Clarkson.

Mixing pop and country is more and more common these days (as Tim McGraw noted in "Back When") but there's a fine line to be walked, and "Because of You" is one that doesn't cross over well in transition.